SQL Server delete Recovery


Title: SQL Server delete Recovery

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The delete operation of the SQL server is actually similar to Oracle in nature. We can recover it in two ways: 1. directly parse the SQL log, 2. directly read the mdf / ndf file to find out the records that are marked for deletion. In the case of a log, the log analysis can more accurately locate the records (because the records that may be found according to the delete mark are not the delete operation), here is a simple recovery process. A SQL server table, the number of records 83 Article


Delete it

Perform recovery analysis, directly generate insert statements, and de-insert the library.


At the same time, we can also generate the corresponding redo / undo related SQL statements as needed.


At this point, we have analyzed that we can recover the lost data of the SQL server delete misoperation.
When your SQL Server database loses data due to misoperation and cannot be resolved by yourself, please contact us to provide professional SQL Server database recovery technical support