oracle dul 12 officially released

Title: oracle dul 12 officially released

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The oracle official dul tool has finally released version 12, dul 11 is released.:oracle dul 11 officially released

Data UnLoader: - Internal Only - on Thu Feb 27 11:27:42 2020
with 64-bit io functions

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 Strictly Oracle Internal Use Only

Reading USER.dat 87 entries loaded
Reading OBJ.dat 72882 entries loaded and sorted 72882 entries
Reading TAB.dat 2810 entries loaded
Reading COL.dat 90151 entries loaded and sorted 90151 entries
Reading TABPART.dat 107 entries loaded and sorted 107 entries
Reading TABCOMPART.dat 0 entries loaded and sorted 0 entries
Reading TABSUBPART.dat 0 entries loaded and sorted 0 entries
Reading INDPART.dat 124 entries loaded and sorted 124 entries
Reading INDCOMPART.dat 0 entries loaded and sorted 0 entries
Reading INDSUBPART.dat 0 entries loaded and sorted 0 entries
Reading IND.dat 4695 entries loaded
Reading LOB.dat 883 entries loaded
Reading ICOL.dat 7430 entries loaded
Reading COLTYPE.dat 2203 entries loaded
Reading TYPE.dat 2779 entries loaded
Reading ATTRIBUTE.dat 10852 entries loaded
Reading COLLECTION.dat 960 entries loaded
Reading BOOTSTRAP.dat 60 entries loaded
Reading LOBFRAG.dat 1 entries loaded and sorted 1 entries
Reading LOBCOMPPART.dat 0 entries loaded and sorted 0 entries
Reading UNDO.dat 21 entries loaded
Reading TS.dat 11 entries loaded
Reading PROPS.dat 36 entries loaded
Database character set is ZHS16GBK
Database national character set is AL16UTF16
Found db_id = 3861844098
Found db_name = O11201GB
  2  show datafiles;
ts# rf# start   blocks offs open  err file name
  0   1     0   103681    0    1    0 D:\app\XIFENFEI\oradata\o11201gbk/system01.dbf

From the perspective of the Compatible parameters, it directly supports the Oracle 18 version, and the specific subsequent tests