SQL Server MDF file size 0kb Recovery


Title: SQL Server MDF file size 0kb Recovery

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Previously restored the Oracle database dbf file size became 0kb case ( Oracle data file size is 0kb or file loss recovery ), this time I encountered a customer that the mdf file size of the sql server database became 0kb due to the host restart, and the customer himself deleted it The software cannot be recovered normally, we process it through the underlying block of the disk to achieve most of the data recovery (partial data coverage due to some operations of the customer)
This disk partition has multiple mdf files (multiple sql server libraries)
Discover a large number of blocks of the file that are not covered by the underlying block technology
After the mdf file is restored through the block technology, then the table data is restored.

If you encounter a sql server database that causes the mdf file size to become 0kb for some reason, please protect the site as soon as possible and do not perform any write operations. We can recover it to the maximum extent and minimize your loss
If you need to recover, contact us(E-Mail:chf.dba@gmail.com) to provide professional database recovery services