heronpiston@pm.me encrypted recovery


Title: heronpiston@pm.me encrypted recovery

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A friend found us, the oracle dmp file was encrypted and the suffix was:.id[CA4D3CB9-2696].[heronpiston@pm.me].HER

f:\temp>dir *.HER
 驱动器 F 中的卷是 本地硬盘
 卷的序列号是 928E-A028

 f:\temp 的目录

2020-03-18  03:55     1,992,802,578 HX_2020-03-16.DMP.id[CA4D3CB9-2696].[heronpiston@pm.me].HER
2020-03-18  03:55            51,314 hx_2020-03-16.log.id[CA4D3CB9-2696].[heronpiston@pm.me].HER
               2 个文件  1,992,853,892 字节
               0 个目录 376,749,625,344 可用字节

Analysis found that the file header 0.25M data was blanked

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