Encrypted Database Recovery

Title: Encrypted Database Recovery

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Some friends feedback system is encrypted with similar suffix name.Email=[]ID=[EOPw1aiueARdMy4].KRONOS

f:\temp>dir xifenfei_DB*
 驱动器 F 中的卷是 本地硬盘
 卷的序列号是 928E-A028

 f:\temp 的目录

2020-03-04  10:37     4,312,465,408 xifenfei_DB.ldf.Email=[]ID=[EOPw1aiueARdMy4].KRONOS
2020-03-04  10:41     5,445,189,632 xifenfei_DB.mdf.Email=[]ID=[EOPw1aiueARdMy4].KRONOS
               2 个文件  9,757,655,040 字节
               0 个目录 376,749,887,488 可用字节

Analysis determined that the file is partially encrypted

Through the underlying processing, perfect recovery of the data outside the shielded block is achieved

For such file encryption, in principle, we can achieve better recovery at the database (mainly oracle and sql server) levels.