[squadhack@email.tg].Devos Recovery


Title: [squadhack@email.tg].Devos Recovery

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Recently, a friend inquired that the hospital database file was encrypted as: .id[FC1CFDC9-2700].[squadhack@email.tg].Devos

The info.txt information they left is

!!!All of your files are encrypted!!!
To decrypt them send e-mail to this address: squadhack@email.tg

Analyze the destruction of encrypted files

There is not much data destroyed by encryption, but because the business is special, there is a lot of xml type data, it is best to open the database, and then export the data, analyze the damaged part through the bottom layer, the open database is successful, and the loss is minimized (for individual damage (The table is processed separately according to rowid/pk)

We have a lot of experience in encrypting similar data files. If you encounter such encryption, you need to solve it,you can contact us to provide:E-Mail:chf.dba@gmail.com