.ROGER virus encrypted database recovery


Title: .ROGER virus encrypted database recovery

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Recently, a new encryption virus was found, with the suffix: .id-CC46A224.[Wang.chang888@tutanota.com].ROGER. The encryption prompt is similar:

Analyze the file and find that the virus emptied the file header

Analysis found that most of the location business data in the file still exists

Through the underlying analysis, such failures can achieve the vast majority of data recovery

If you encounter a database that is similar to an encryption virus and encrypted (oracle, mysql, sql server), you can contact us to achieve a better recovery effect without paying the hacker (the recovery is not successful without any fees)
E-Mail:chf.dba@gmail.comProvide professional decryption recovery services.
Protection recommendations:
1. Multiple machines, do not use the same account and password
2. The login password should have sufficient length and complexity, and the login password should be changed regularly.
3. The shared folder of important data should be set up with access control and regularly backed up
4. Regularly detect security vulnerabilities in the system and software and apply patches in a timely manner.
5. Periodically go to the server to check if there is any abnormality. View scope includes:
a) Whether there are new accounts
b) Guest is enabled
c) Is there an exception in the Windows system log
d) Is there any abnormal interception of anti-virus software?
6. Install security protection software and ensure its normal operation.
7. Download and install software from regular channels.
8. For unfamiliar software, if it has been intercepted by antivirus software, do not add trust to continue running.